Viagra increases blood level
of the "Love hormone"

Well known medication Viagra used for treatment erectile dysfunction is able to increase hormone oxytocin blood level. The discovery of the American scientists allowed to confirm that Viagra therapeutic effect occurs not only due to increase of blood flow to the penis.

Oxytocin also known as "Love hormone" is responsible for the regulation of psychophysiologic processes associated with reproductive functions. Oxytocin enhances the uterine contractility during child-bearing and stimulates lactation. It also contributes to formation of behavior attachment between mother and baby. In addition, oxytocin is released by pituitary gland while orgasm both in women and men.

The release of oxytocin in the blood is regulated by the enzyme phosphodiesterase responsible for narrowing of the blood levels. The active ingredient of Viagra sildenafil acts on phosphodiesterase type 5 resulting in relaxation of penises blood muscle and increase of blood flow.

Experiments on animals showed that hormone oxytocin may also be involved in formation of positive sexual relationships between men and women.

The investigations published in Journal of Physiology showed that Sildenafil may significantly increase oxytocin blood level in rats. Such investigations made possible to discover new action mechanisms of substances used in ED(erectile dysfunction). This in its turn allows to look at men's health problem treatment in a new way, making treatment adequate and more effective.